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Outdoor Power Equipment FAQs

What is the proper fuel mixture for a two-cycle engine?

Most chainsaws, gas-powered trimmers, and other types of small outdoor power equipment use 2-stroke engines, which run on a mixture of gas and oil.  The proper fuel-to-oil mixture is 50:1 (for STIHL equipment).  Using fuel that is not properly mixed or not mixed at the right ratio could result in serious damage to your engine.  Pre-mixed fuel is available from Ida Supply for those who don’t want to mix their own fuel.

Why is my engine starting and quitting?

The most likely reason for this is that you are using the wrong fuel mixture or you have a clogged air filter.  In most cases a simple tune-up will fix the problem—call Ida Supply to make a service appointment.

Why won’t my chainsaw cut?

The most likely problem is simply a dull chain.  You can bring a dull saw to Ida Supply and we’ll be happy to sharpen it for you.

Why won’t my chain saw cut in a straight line?

There are two possible problems here—the chain might be dull, or the bar might be bent.  It could also be a combination of the two problems.  In either case, bringing your saw in for service is the best way to fix the problem.

How do I sharpen a chain?

First, you’ll need a pair of gloves and a filing kit made for chain saws (sold at Ida Supply).  First, engage the chain brake and clamp the bar in a vice.  Sharpen the cutters on one side of the saw first one at a time, followed by the other side, using the file from the kit.  Or, you can simply bring your saw to Ida Supply and let us sharpen it for you (recommended method).

 Should I drain the gas from my equipment at the end of the season?

In most cases, if you are using regular fuel, you should drain the gas from your equipment at the end of the season.  However, if you are using a fuel stabilizer (sold at Ida Supply), you can leave the fuel in the tank, and it will be as fresh as the day you put it in when you go to start your equipment at the beginning of the next season.