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Ida Supply Now a Sun-Mar Dealer

March 21, 2017

At Ida Supply, we pride ourselves on the quality of our corporate partners; it’s our job to ensure our partners offer the same dynamic qualities that we do. This allows our highly-valued customers to have access to the best supplies while supporting companies who care. This is why we are proud to announce that Ida Supply is now a dealer for Sun-Mar composting products.

About Sun-Mar

Sun-Mar was born when Hardy Sundberg developed the very first self-contained composting toilet in the world in 1971. Soon after, Sundberg went on to incorporate new technologies and improvements upon his invention. Today, Sun-Mar is still in the family with a descendant of Hardy Sundberg currently leading research and technology to continuously improve and develop new methods of composting. Sun-Mar is the only composting business in the world to have earned a certification by the National Sanitation Foundation and is the only approved supplier for residential and cottage use.

Why Composting?

But, why composting? As Sun-Mar describes it, “composting is nature’s way.” Composting delivers a method of dealing with waste by returning to nature’s roots. By utilizing a Sun-Mar composting toilet, waste is recycled and can be used for its nutrients to promote natural fertilization in soil. This is due to the patented internal drum method, which takes liquid and solid waste, evaporates the former, and extracts safe nutrients from the latter.


While the benefits to nature are numerous, a Sun-Mar product isn’t only for those looking to harvest rich nutrients from waste. In fact, a Sun-Mar composting toilet has several benefits including making septic systems obsolete, working without harmful chemicals, and running on various power sources such as electric, solar, or no power at all! These benefits ensure an easy, safe, and environmentally friendly way to rid of waste.

Where Sun-Mar Composting Toilets can be Used

Composting provides waste solutions in a variety of situations. In areas featuring an outhouse such as a cottage, park, or campground, the luxury of an indoor restroom is now possible. Since these toilets operate with little or no power while utilizing an internal drum system, they are also a fantastic and eco-friendly choice for boats, pools, RVs, and cabanas. Additionally, many find that composting toilets are a fantastic choice in their own homes, as they offer a green, septic system-free alternative to typical waste management options.

Odor-Free Solutions

With Sun-Mar composting solutions, odor simply isn’t an issue. During the National Sanitation Foundation’s certification test, these composting products were tested over the period of 6 months at maximum capacity and produced safe nutrient extraction without any odor at all. While improving their patented technology over the past 46 years, the research team continues to ensure their composting solutions afford the same odor-free benefits as a typical waste management system.


There are Sun-Mar products available for a variety of needs and spaces. Self-contained portable models are ideal for boats and RVS, electric powered self-contained, central-flushing, or dry-flushing models are ideal for homes and cottages, while non-electric self-contained units are a perfect solution for outdoor areas like campgrounds, parks, and pools.

We are very excited to welcome Sun-Mar composting products into our collection at Ida Supply, and to offer these solutions to our customers. With over 40 years of experience and a personal and professional level of service, we make it our goal to ensure our customers receive the utmost care and quality by offering products for a wide range of solutions from dynamic companies. Contact us to learn more about our Sun-Mar products today!