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New Standards for Leaf Blower Power Measurement Makes Comparing Products Easier

April 20, 2017
leaf blowers

leaf blowerBecause there haven’t been consistent standards for leaf blower power measurement, the task of choosing the perfect leaf blower hasn’t always been easy. Typically, you’ve had to rely on blind faith, in-store advice, or internet reviews to help you make the decision.

This process may work well for an everyday cost-efficient tool like a hammer or screwdriver, but it isn’t very effective when it comes to a new leaf blower, which tends to be a pricey investment. This is due to the fact that leaf blowers have never really had an industry standard to which they can be assessed and compared.

Luckily, trends such as lithium-ion-powered outdoor tools and other advancements in outdoor equipment technology are blossoming, allowing for new industry standards to emerge.

Introduction of new Standards for Leaf Blower Power Measurement

While it’s true leaf blowers had specs on which both consumers and professionals relied on to make their choice, these specs were often misleading or inaccurate. They typically consist of air volume and air velocity measurements, but the inconsistent ways in which the products were tested led to inaccuracies across the board.

Fortunately, there is now an industry standard that removes misleading specs from leaf blowers, and it’s all thanks to the American National Standard Institute. This new standard is actually a minor addition to current standards with major impact.

Instead of relying solely on air volume or air velocity, leaf blowers can now be measured by the powerful force of air that flows from blowers. This method allows leaf blower testing to take big leaps toward accuracy in performance specs, allowing the industry to eliminate inaccurate or misleading measurements.

How the New Method Works

While leaf blowers will still take air velocity and volume into account, the introduction of measuring the direct force of air will take measurements to a new level. By combining all of these measurements, the industry is able to introduce the Newton, the traditional measurement of force.

In addition to measuring on air volume and air velocity, there will be a new specification called “the Newton Rating”. Dynamic companies like STIHL have already begun incorporating the Newton in their leaf blower spec sheet.

In this case, the higher the Newton Rating, the more powerful the force of air from the blower will be. This straightforward method is already taking the industry to new heights and allowing consumers and professionals alike to make more informed decisions when it comes to their tools.

How Ida Supply is Handling the New Standard

As a major outlet for STIHL and other prolific outdoor power equipment manufacturers, we not only embrace this new standard but praise the manufacturers incorporating it as well. This is because it aids in making a well-informed decision on the investment of a new leaf blower, and makes our customer’s lives that much easier.