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Oregon -vs- STIHL Lithium-ion Battery Tools

May 23, 2017
STIHL vs Oregon


Oregon and STIHL are two of the leaders in the outdoor power equipment industry when it comes to lithium ion battery tools.  But who comes out on top in a head-to-head matchup of Oregon vs STIHL?

Read on to compare four common outdoor power tools offered by Oregon and STIHL, and see why they’re leading the pack in battery-powered tools.

Oregon CS300 Chainsaw vs. STIHL MSA 200 C-BQ Chainsaw

Ditch the cord and leave the fuel for your car with a battery-operated chainsaw! Both the Oregon CS300 and STIHL MSA 200 C-BQ models offer a laundry list of high-end features for optimal performance. Both saws boast:

  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Convenient, instant start

The STIHL weighs in at just 10.19 pounds with its battery, while the Oregon model is just slightly heavier at 12 pounds including the battery. Both models offer special chain features: the Oregon saw uses its PowerSharp self-sharpening system to cure a dull chain in seconds, while the STIHL chain can be adjusted without using tools for added convenience.

Both chainsaws also use lithium-ion batteries, which promise high power and torque, as well as long run-times on a single charge. Whether you measure battery strength in time or number of cuts, these saws have you covered there, too. The STIHL saw can make up to 230 cuts in 4” logs on a full charge, while the Oregon model can last up to 240 minutes.

Oregon BL300 Blower vs. STIHL BGA 85 Blower

Cordless, gas-less blowers are the blowers of the future. Oregon’s BL300 and STIHL’s BGA 85 blowers are two of the most efficient in the market. Choosing to add either to your arsenal of tools you can expect:

This time, the Oregon tool wins in the lightweight category, weighing in at just under 9 pounds with the 40-volt lithium ion battery. The STIHL model weighs 10.7 with its 36-volt lithium-ion battery.

Don’t let the quietness or light weight of these blowers fool you–they pack a lot of power and air flow. The STIHL blower provides up to 385 CFM at the nozzle, while the Oregon blower features 400 CFM on High, and an astonishing 507 CFM using the Turbo button. The best part? The Turbo setting still meets most community noise regulations at 64.6 dB(A).

Oregon ST275 Trimmer vs. STIHL FSA 56 Trimmer

Say goodbye to the awkward, heavy trimmers of the past! The Oregon ST275 Trimmer and the STIHL FSA 56 Trimmer are lightweight, eco-friendly tools to help you keep your lawn prim and proper. Both trimmers feature:

  • Comfort and control in a lightweight, balanced design
  • Low noise
  • Long-running battery

Sensing a pattern?

The STIHL trimmer weighs in at 9.5 pounds, features an adjustable loop handle as well as a hanging loop for easy storage. Its cutting range is a 12-inch swath, and the FSA 56 runs at a lower vibration thanks to its limited moving parts.

The Oregon trimmer’s key feature is its advanced cutting system. Dual lines of Advanced Platinum Gatorline allow for faster cutting and are resistant to cracking and breaking. Loading the line is a breeze as well because of the Oregon Swift Load trimmer head on the ST275. What’s more, this trimmer is a 2-in-1 tool, converting quickly and easily from trimmer to edger.

Oregon HT250 Hedge Trimmer vs. STIHL HSA 66 Hedge Trimmer

Finally, the Oregon HT250 and STIHL HSA 66 hedge trimmers are top-of-the-line tools to complete your battery-powered collection. Like the other tools, these hedge trimmers promise:

  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight portability for precision and ease
  • Environment protection with zero exhaust emissions
  • Instant-start performance

The 10.6-pound STIHL hedge trimmer features a 20-inch blade with a tip protector and optimized blade geometry and diamond-ground edges for the cleanest cuts possible. The large wrap handle allows for more easily-controlled sculpting and shaping of shrubs, and its 36-volt battery allows for up to 2500 strokes per minute.

The Oregon HT250 hedge trimmer boasts a durable 24-inch blade with laser-cut precision blades to promote clean cuts and healthier plants. The 40-volt lithium ion battery is 4 times quieter than a gas trimmer and can operate up to 2750 strokes per minute. For your convenience, all Oregon cordless tools are compatible with their Cordless Battery Packs, including the HT250 hedge trimmer.

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