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STIHL Lightning Battery System

March 21, 2017
STIHL Lightning Battery System

While battery systems may be an afterthought when choosing new landscaping tools, this shouldn’t be the case. Using tools equipped with high-performance batteries is the difference between completing projects in one day versus having to frequently interrupt your work to recharge or refuel.

Fortunately, there’s a new battery system on the market that makes the lives of both homeowners and landscaping professionals much easier. The STIHL Lightning Battery System changes the way power tools function for the better for a more efficient and effective experience.

To put it simply, these battery-powered tools are simply more efficient, easier to use, and much more manageable than gas-powered tools. Best of all, there’s a battery series for every type of use—from products perfect for weekend yard work to professional-level tools. Read on to find the right STIHL series for you!

AI Series

Ideal for smaller yard and condominium upkeep, the AI Series features an all-in-one battery and charging system. By plugging the system directly into an outlet during use, it ensures a steady charge essential for completing quick tasks.

STIHL Lightning Battery SystemProducts featuring the AI Battery Series include the FSA 45 Trimmer which is perfect for getting rid of weeds, the BGA 45 Blower which takes care of yards cluttered with fall leaves and debris, and the HSA 45 Hedge Trimmer which ensures the beauty and maintenance of hedges and bushes.

With AI Series tools, you can trim 1,312 linear feet of weeds, 262 feet of hedges, and blow away 2,153 feet of leaves from your yard—all on a single use. This means, no cutting your necessary yard work short to recharge or refuel which leads to faster completion and more time to enjoy the day.

AK Series

The AK Series is where high-value meets exceptional performance. Designed for frequent or weekend work around suburban yards, this series ensures quality, portability, and efficiency. Once these tools are charged, you’re able to disconnect and tackle the to-do list of yard chores cordlessly and quickly.

STIHL Lightning Battery SystemProducts featuring the AK Battery Series include the MSA 120 C-BQ Chainsaw for felling, pruning, and gathering firewood, the FSA 56 Trimmer, the BGA 56 Blower, and the HSA 56 Hedge Trimmer. The latter products function just as well in the AI Series with one exception—better power.

When utilizing a single charge on AK Series tools, you can achieve 100 chainsaw cuts, 1,640 linear trims, 6,458 square feet of yard decluttering, and 918 feet of hedge trimming. The AK Series ensures a day of hassle-free and steady yard working time to finish tasks early.

AP Series

The AP Battery Series is perfectly suited for professionals or homeowners passionate about their curb-appeal. You’ll find the widest range of products utilize the AP Battery Series to ensure the highest level of performance, endurance, and quality for any project.

STIHL Lightning Battery SystemJust some of the tools in the dynamic range of products featuring the AP Battery Series include RMA series lawn mowers, HTA series pole pruners, and FSA series trimmers. The wider variety of tools in this series ensure all-around lawn care and maintenance with steady and reliable power for a project or task of any level.

On just one charge of AP Battery Series tools, you can achieve 200 chainsaw cuts, 2,559 linear trims, 10,333 square feet of leaf blowing, and 1,673 feet of hedge trimming. For large projects that require exceptional long-lasting power, the AP Series is a perfect choice. A unique feature within the AP Series is the option of a portable battery pack. This pack is worn in a safe and convenient backpack style to ensure even the most massive tasks are completed as efficiently as possible.


An innovative way to tackle yard tasks, the STIHL Lightning Battery System makes projects more enjoyable by delivering performance free of messy and inconvenient gas-powered methods—all while delivering unmatched power. If you’re ready for a smoother, more efficient, and powerful way to complete outdoor projects, you’re in luck. At Ida Supply, we are not only a proud supplier of STIHL products but a leading resource authority for yard work done right. Contact us today and let’s get your next project started.