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The Goal and Benefits of Lithium-ion Outdoor Tools

April 20, 2017
lithium ion tools

lithium-ion outdoor toolsThese battery-powered tools seek to bring further ease and less hassle to homeowners and professional landscapers alike by making outdoor tools function in a simpler and more efficient way. These options also serve as perfect gifts for holidays and birthdays for power-tool savvy friends and family.

The benefits of lithium-ion powered tools over more traditional methods are numerous. For starters, using battery-powered tools gets rid of pesky and obtrusive power cords, which only get in the way during work around the home. Often, the only time a cord is needed with lithium-ion tools is when they need to be charged, though there are a few exceptions in which a cord is necessary for smaller-range tools.

Another benefit of these tools is cutting the hassle, mess, and costs associated with using traditionally fuel-powered options. Compared to fuel or lead-acid methods, lithium-ion battery-powered tools can last far longer on a single charge than traditional tools can on a full tank. This also adds an element of safety to outdoor tools without the worry of misusing fuels like gasoline.

Who is Using Lithium-ion Batteries?

Surprisingly, these new battery-powered tools aren’t just emerging from new or independent companies who are trying to break into the industry with a new idea. The bulk of lithium-ion powered tools is actually being manufactured and sold by big names in the outdoor power tool world like STIHL, Snapper, and even Oregon.

Options for Every Budget

Brands like STIHL are ensuring that everyone who uses outdoor tools can benefit from lithium-ion battery-powered options. To do this, they offer selections of tools for every budget and need range, from the condo owner who only needs to trim a few bushes seasonally all the way to the professional landscaper with heavy usage daily.

Their mid-range line is perfect for the typical homeowner who gets outdoor work done regularly or frequently takes on dynamic home-improvement projects. The devices, across all budget ranges, include trimmers, weeders, leaf blowers, chainsaws, hedgers, and even mowers.

Where Can I Buy?

At Ida Supply, we proudly embrace the innovative and industry-changing lithium-ion outdoor tools. We have several brands, lines, and options to choose from for any budget or any usage need as well. If you’re ready to add these innovative tools to your landscaping arsenal, contact us today and we’ll help you select the perfect tools for your needs.