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Three Great BCS Tractor Attachments for Gardeners

February 28, 2017
BCS Tractors

BCS TractorsAs the largest supplier of BCS in British Colombia, we here at Ida Supply understand better than anyone that BCS manufactures one of the most versatile two-wheel tractors in the world. Users ranging from homeowners with large gardens to commercial nurseries agree: BCS tractors are ready to handle whatever you throw at them. When you add one of the tractor attachments, these very functional machines become even handier than before. Here are some of the tractor attachments that gardeners, whether pros or amateurs, will find most useful.

Rotary Plow

BCS’s Rotary Plow attachment is nicknamed the “Groundblaster,” and it certainly lives up to the hype, working its way through a number of tasks with high-performance ease. The Rotary Plow’s four spiral blades, spinning at 250 RPMS on a vertical shaft, can effortlessly penetrate soil of all types, regardless of its rockiness. As the plow discharges any debris from the soil to the right, users can build a raised bed with ease.

The attachment’s depth wheel allows engagement up to 12” deep, and the wheel also allows users to transport the attachment efficiently. If you’re looking to accomplish the following tasks, the Rotary Plow will make the job easier:

  • Power hilling
  • Building raised beds
  • Creating ditches for drainage
  • Breaking new ground
  • Power composting cover crops

Rear-Tine Tiller

A BCS Tiller is more than a just a means to dig dirt; it’s a very versatile tool that will aid gardeners in busting sod and prepare seed beds during the growing season. In addition, it will assist with power composting after the gardening season is past, ensuring that your soil will be ready when spring rolls around again.

The main advantage of a BCS Tiller is the effortlessness; you’ll just be along for the ride while the tool does the work. The Tiller’s chopping action prevents plant material from getting tangled up in the tines, and its large wheels help it to avoid “tine walking,” requiring next to no downward pressure on the Tiller’s handles. A model of compact design, it’s also incredibly easy to maneuver through your garden’s turns.

If you’re concerned about taking the Tiller between your plants, BCS has a solution for that. Every BCS tractor comes with a second speed that’s dedicated to eliminating weeds from your garden as it creates dirt mulch without the worry of over-pulverizing soil; when you switch to this particular gear, the tines will turn just 10 times with every revolution of the wheel, preserving your soil as it accomplishes the task at hand.

Rollerblade Flail Mower

One of the newest additions to BCS, the RollerBlade Flail Mower is an attachment that gardeners will love. It was created to assist gardeners with aiding decomposition with shredded cover crops.

The RollerBlade is better-suited to the specific needs of market gardeners than its predecessor, the standard Flail Mower for several reasons; here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Rollerblade is better for rough terrain; if you’re planning to mow in V-ditches, the RollerBlade is your best bet thanks to the proximity of the roller to the tractor wheels. Other flail mowers use skids or castor wheels, making the machine longer and more unwieldy.
  • When you adjust the mower to the lowest possible height setting, the RollerBlade won’t “scalp” your lawn, even when you’re mowing on soft soil or a raised bed.
  • The blades on the Rollerblade are thicker and wider and it’s housing is lower; this is an improvement over the standard Flail Mower because it produces a smaller particle size in one pass.

While the RollerBlade is capable of mowing anything bendable, BCS doesn’t recommend using it with tall or dense materials.

If you’re interested in learning more about BCS tractors or the attachments that make them the gardener’s best friend, contact Ida Supply today!